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Jessica Manfro
Owner & Head Coach

My Story

 Owner and Head Coach of Peekskill Strength CrossFit started her CrossFit journey in 2010 at the age of 36.  By finding CrossFit, she also found her path and passion in life.  After getting certified in 2012, she began Coaching purely for enjoyment and learning, and 5 years later, decided to make CrossFit her career.

Jessica is not only the Owner and Head Coach at Peekskill, but also a competitive, Masters Athlete.  Most recently competing at the NO BULL CrossFit Games in August 2021, and placing 4th in her age group.  In December of 2021 she also competed at the Legends Masters Competition in San Diego CA, where she earned the top of the podium.  Jessica will continue her competitive career as long as she is having fun,  hoping to use  competitions to explore the country and beyond.

Other notable accomplishments include qualifying for the Age Group Qualifier for the Games 6 out of 7 years, finishing top 20 in the world since 2019.   A second place finish at WODapalooza in Miami 2019 and 2nd place finish at , finishing 2nd  at the 2019 Legends Masters Championship.   

Despite my competitive goals, my focus in my Gym is quite different. When I took over CrossFit Peekskill (now Peekskill Strength CrossFit) in 2019, I was excited to build a community and to help inspire people to be the best they can and realize their fitness goals.  I enjoy working with all levels of athletes and take tremendous satisfaction in being part of everyone's journey's.  Whether someone's goal is to better themselves, lose weight, or train for a specific goal, I am always excited to be a part of it. 

In the words of Coach Jessica 

"In 2010 at the age of 36 I reluctantly tried CrossFit (I had the same hesitations that you may be having reading this - cost, injury, was it too hard..... so many hesitations).  After my first class, I was hooked.   I have always been active as a personal trainer, distance runner and gymnast.  I completely fell in love with the community of athletes and the challenge that CrossFit has to offer.   I found a missing piece of myself, a strength, a sense of competitiveness and fulfillment in giving back to others."

"If you do what you love in life, you will never work a day.  

I love what I do, I hope to be able to share that with you."

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